Meet Us

Welcome to our Rainbow team!

Working in Rainbow creates an amazing way of life and we have a lot of fun! Our business opportunity is unmatched and the envy of all other companies. Our referral program is one of a kind and our people make more incomes then several other businesses combined.........Why??                                                               

All because of our PRODUCT!!!

The Rainbow is simply amazing and because we offer an awesome world class product, we can offer a one of a kind opportunity!!

Our office offers opportunity all across western Canada and we have helped thousands of people live a healthier lifestyle in a clean environment that only the Rainbow can offer! Additionally we have provided an amazing opportunity for so many of our customers!!

Our office has won many awards and has been one of the top offices of our size in North America 2 years in a row! We have earned an excellence in customer service award each year weve been in business!

Our team works hard to promote our product and our business opportunity. We have helped create many successful managers in several Provinces all over western Canada!

Do you want to make more money??


   Do you want to work less hours??

 Do you want to travel the world several times per year??

 Do you want to live a better lifestyle??

    Well let's meet the team that can make all of this a reality!!

Jaylene Kosinski- Satellite Distributor

Our Camrose office is owned by Jaylene Kosinski. Jaylene is a true Rainbow success story because she didnt transfer over from another company, she's an in home recruit!! Only a few years ago Jaylene was a busy stay at home mom who never even heard of Rainbow before. A friend of hers started selling them and showed Jaylene the demo and the rest is history!

Jaylene went from a dealer in Rainbow to building a small team and working up to Group Sales Director. From there she kept building and worked up to Area Sales Director then in just 2 short years from the day she started, she opened up her first office as an Area Distributor.

Jaylene quickly went from an Area Distributor to a Satellite Distributor and has even hit higher qualifications since becoming a Satellite. Under her leadership our office has won the Crown Princess of the year award as the top Satellite office in North America! There is a huge trophy case of awards in our office that show off the hard work and dedication that Jaylene has put into her business and her team!

When it comes to work ethic and inspiration you wont find it stronger anywhere else. Jaylene is always approachable and is loved and admired by everyone that works with her. Her drive and determination spreads through her whole team and Jaylene has earned many trips all over the world with Rainbow. She has been to Ireland, Thailand, New York City, Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, Florida, Hawaii, and so many more exiting destinations!

From small town stay at home mom to the World Stage of Rainbow, Jaylene knows what it takes to make it in Rainbow so if your looking to succeed, your in great hands!

Dallas Ramey- Area Distributor- Calgary

Dallas joined Rainbow in 2013 after Jaylene did an in home presentation on the Rainbow. Dallas has had Rainbow in his family for generations and grew up with the 80's model in his home. At the time Dallas worked as a certified heavy equipment trainer and was the Fire Chief in his home town. Dallas made no excuses about time when it came to Rainbow.

Dallas had never sold anything in his life and in the first 4 months he made $44,000 just selling the machine, all while working a full time job 50 hours a week, family life and of course his responsibilities to the Fire Department. Dallas scheduled Rainbow into his life and Rainbow changed his life forever.

Some of his greatest accomplishments has been making over $5,000 in 1 house by selling several machines. Also in February of 2015 where he entered Saskatoon Saskatchewan with 1 Rainbow and built a team and by the end of that month had 70 total sales! Dallas does not allow for excuses and his love for the Rainbow shines through in every demo or training class he holds. Dallas announced in October of 2017 that his next goal in Rainbow was to become an Area Distributor which came true! On February 1st 2018 Dallas opened a distributorship in Calgary, Alberta.

Christina & Vern Holowaty- Satellite Distributors- Sherwood Park

Christina was a Emergency Nurse when she started working in Rainbow in 2015. Since then Rainbow has allowed her to fully retire from nursing and join Rainbow full time!! Christina took on the position of Training Manager in 2017 and had already been on countless trips all over the world due to the opportunity Rainbow provides!

Christina loves challenges! She enjoys not only sharing our amazing machine with everyone she meets, but training people to do the same all over western Canada! Our Rainbow office is stronger and our future is brighter than ever by having Christina on our management team! In early 2018 her team exploded and in July 2018 Christina qualified as an Area Distributor and quickly ramped up to a Satellite Distributor in Sherwood Park! She is also working on promoting her first office as well!

Melissa Cuncannon and Dan Cooney- Area Sales Directors, Central Alberta

Melissa has been with Rainbow for over 4 years and is one of the best recruiters in all of Rainbow! In 2017 Dan decided to go-all-in and these two are a powerhouse team with huge goals! Melissa has had a long list of accomplishments and is trusted and well loved by everyone on her team and within our leaders group. Melissa and Dan have big plans of opening their own office in Central Alberta! Their dedication to leadership and learning better ways to always help their team are sure signs of the successful future Melissa and Dan will have!

Kim Hueter- Group Sales Director- Winkler, Manitoba

Kim has been with Rainbow since 2013. Kim is an excellent recruiter and has always balanced Rainbow with family life very well. Kim has 4 young kids and still makes the time to do lots of presentations as well as train and build her team.

Kim's Rainbow career started in Leduc Alberta where Kim was a successful dealer. in 2015 Kim and her Husband Tony decided to move all the way to Winkler Manitoba. Kim took a couple Rainbows and away she went. To say she was successful would be an understatement...

Her first open house had over 40 people attend and her second had over 70!! Kim has hit between 30 and 40 group sales and has huge plans for Southern Manitoba as she begins the                                              next phase of her Rainbow career!

Alicia McWatters and Brad Arial- Group Sales Driectors- Lakeland Region, Alberta

Alicia started Rainbow in late 2016 and started off very strong. Alicia's work ethics are contagious and in 2017 Brad decided to go-all-in as well and said good bye to his life on the road as a professional driver. Brad and Alicia do alot of demos each month in the lakeland region and will travel anywhere to show off the Rainbow and help their team! Alicia and Brad have huge goals to open their own office and are well on their way to achieving that goal! Their continued dedication to learning and growing is sure to catapult them to great things!

Brett Lowrie and Ivett Lengyel- Area Sales Directors- Victoria, BC

Brett joined Rainbow in May 2018 and has helped grow the Sherwood Park Office since Day 1 of opening! He has earned numerous FREE trips; including California, Arizona and San Diego! Brett teamed up with Priscilla Gara in September 2018 and qualified for ASD. Since then they've grown a massive team, simply by doing 24 demos each month! They have now relocated to Victoria, BC where their hard work will pay off and they will soon open up as Area Distributors! We are so grateful to have Brett and Ivett in our Rainbow family!

Priscilla Gara- Area Sales Director- Victoria, BC

Priscilla started in Rainbow simply to get her machine for free in January 2018. She has now retired from a commercial diver and now only dives for fun! Priscilla is so down to earth and a free spirit! She has been a rockstar in Rainbow since the beginning, with her first cheque being $8200!! Priscilla is an amazing trainer and hard worker! She teamed up with Brett Lowrie and now at the age of only 25 years old she will become an Area Distributor in Victoria, BC with only being in Rainbow for 1 year!! She has forever changed her families life, by trusting in our program and believing in our machine!

There is alot of room left on this page so the Management opportunities in Rainbow are endless!!