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We have had our rainbow now for close to one year! Before rainbow came into our lives my son was always sick, he had RSV as a newborn baby which made his lungs weak. He had to be admitted into the childrens stollery hospital. Once we were allowed to go home I thought everything would be better, but unfortunately everytime a virus came around he was the one to get it. he was put on puffers and seemed to always be admitted to the hospital. I am over the moon excited to say we have been close to a year hospital free and puffer free! THANK YOU RAINBOW
jessica Johnson
I love the rainbow whole home cleaning system. We moved to Ontario in 1984. A few years later my younger brother started selling the rainbow. When I moved away from home to Manitoba, I asked my parents if I could take the rainbow with me, which they said no to. I hadn't heard anything about rainbow still being around until middle of 2016. I figured I couldn't afford it, but in May when Kim came and showed it to us, I knew we couldn't be without it any longer. We had our daughter and son-in-love living with us with their two babies. Nicole was born 3 months premature and in January she turned 1 and shortly after her first birthday, she was diagnosed with pneumonia for the second time in her short life. She and Thomas (our grandson), were having runny noses as well. Since we got the rainbow, the runny noses stopped and I can rest knowing that now when they come to visit us they will have clean air to breath. It has also reduced the snoring in our family even the dogs have stopped snoring. I am so thankful that God sent rainbow into our life and look forward to helping a lot of people be able to live a healthier life. Margaret
This machine is amazing! I've had one for a couple years and couldnt imagine life without it!! If your thinking of getting one... DO IT!!! It will be the best decision youve ever made! My kids allergies are gone and I havent needed my puffer in months! My house could not be cleaner!
Mike Mcnabb
Hi My name is Mary Wiebe from Reinfeld Mb East of Winkler Mb. I am a wife and a mother of four Beautiful children. This is my testimony our four children and me and my husband Had severe asthma and we were in the hospital 24/7 or 2 to 3 times a day just for the doctors to tell me there is nothing wrong with my children πŸ€” In January of this year my kids had asthma specialist appointment Here in Winkler and she said that my kids had uncontrollable asthma. Take the Puffers twice in the morning and twice in the evening. And they were still having asthma attacks I was to the point I didn't know what to do anymore .My friend Ire from Reinfeld had told me two years ago to get one of these rainbows And I told her I'm not sure if I want to try it because I've tried so much out there.She said no Mary this will help you and your kids . I said no I was a little scared to I would wait for now and then I entered a draw for a Rainmate in Nov I think. Kim and Rachel from Winkler were working the show I entered to win that. I prayed about it And she called again I said OK today work.Kim and Rachel team over and showed us the amazing machine wow we were so impressed that evening I could feel that I could breathe better and my kids could feel it to so we said yes I want it. Up until that day we were in and out of the hospital all day every day thank the good Lord for helping them pick or name it has changed us 100% no more asthma attacks and two of my children asthma is gone πŸ’―. My youngest 2 just needs it when it's stinks smoky outside and my oldest needs it when he runs my oldest daughter still needs it here in there.πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ Now when I go to the hospital because of my kids broke a bone they look at me and say why do you not come anymore are your kids not sick anymore I said nope I got Rainbow. So yes the rainbow is amazing and a lifesaver we use it every single day and if you have more questions you can call me or text me if you would like a demo from me give me a call or shoot me a text you have to see it to believe it My story.April 25 2017 God bless you all
Mary D Wiebe
I love my Rainbow! The fact that Rainbow uses water as a filter makes me already happy! There is nothing that will calm me down and give me more comfort of knowing when I clean the dust, the dirt, all the germs that I stir up in the air while cleaning and moving around is removed just like that, if Rainbow is working. I love to have my Rainbow handy anytime I need it! Either for cleaning the house, the air, to mop or just use the Rainbow as an Air purifier or aromatize my house with all the wonderful sense, which our system is MULTIFUNCTIONING in more then just one way! The Job opportunity Rainbow offers is excellent. You make your own hours, you keep yourself as busy as you need and you represent an amazing Product, that's been out for almost 100 years :)....Rainbow is amazing!
Once I was introduced to Rainbow I knew that this amazing product was going to change my life. I have been in the business for a while now and I'm amazed everytime I go out on a demo to see this machine time and time again prove that it's the best out there. I have made money in this business but that's just a bonus the most important things are, I not only get to meet amazing people,travel and go places but I get to change someone's life everytime I leave them. It's a great feeling knowing that you have impacted a family or friends and helped change their lives that you've left them with a product that will over and over again pull dirt, dust and bacteria out of their homes. Rainbow is and always will be a part of my life. I couldn't imagine my life without Rainbow in it.
Crystal Windley
Rainbow has changed my life! The Machine and the Business! Ever since I have owned one coming up 4 years now and I have no idea how I lived without before! I'm thankful to get rid of the dirt before my baby was born too! I feel great knowing I have the best air quality because of the Rainbow! The business is like no other! I can spend more time being home with my daughter, work fewer hours and not miss those first steps! Rainbow is surrounded with amazing people who are helping families and changing their lives! Nothing gets better than helping a family who needs a rainbow!
Jovanna Whitefish
I love how the Rainbow does more than just cleans! I love how it purifies your air in the home while you are cleaning. It has helped so many people who have suffered from allergies and asthma!! Absolutely love everything about the Rainbow.
Dacia Stone
As soon as I saw what the Rainbow could do, I knew I had to figure out a way to get it. I was so greatful to know I was going to be able to give my little girl the best in life. Joining the business to earn it for free was a gift and now that I am here, I can't wait to make this my career and be successful for the both of us. Thank you to my Rainbow family that has given me so much!
Pamela Fisher
Sherwood Park
I love my Rainbow. Every day we use it in our house it gives us a nice fresh smell in the house of the natural way. I grew up with a rainbow but after I got married we move to Canada and I did not know that there was rainbow in Canada. So when we found out that one of my friends actually sells rainbow we invited him over and he showed us a complete new and different rainbow than what I know from back home. So we decided to buy the rainbow also because of the new feature that it's has withe the air purification what it didn't have back in the old days. Rainbow changed the life in our family because my son started having symptoms of dust allergy. We had pland already to go see the doctor for checkup but that got pushed away after we got the rainbow. All symptoms are gone now since we have the rainbow. So I decided to sell this amazing product and I'm proud to work for a company that sells the best product on the market. I'm almost a year now with rainbow and I'm so encouraged to keep going and help other family's because of what rainbow did to us.
Daniel Penner
La Broquerie
I've had my Rainbow for just over one year now; I honestly can not Imagine Iife without it. It has changed my families world for the greater. My son was born at 32 weeks pre mature, naturally his lungs were weaker and therefore was always getting sick. As a mother and a nurse I would do anything in my power to keep my kids safe! Not only has my family been healthier, my house has been cleaner, I've spent way less time cleaning my home but with the business opportunity I've been able to make lots of money, 2 free trips, no more 12 hour shifts away from my family, being able to help change other people's lives and mostly an overall happier life! Thank you Rainbow!!
Tina Holowaty
Sherwood Park
The Rainbow has been such a blessing in our home! We run a big cattle ranch, which means a ton of dirt, dust, and everything else a person can imagine! Our farmhouse is old and needing an upgrade, my kids were always sick with colds or runny noses and eyes. Since running the rainbow in our home, my daughter's one eye (that has been weepy since birth) has stopped! Our winter has been wonderful with no runny noses to wipe. I can't say enough about the purifing and air washing ability this machine has, but the cleaning end of it is just the icing on the cake!! Being able to clean less and still have such minimal dust is great. And the floor attachments make cleaning a breeze. I want every person to have one of these!
Kate V.
Loon River
I absolutely love my rainbow!! It amazes me every time I use it! You definitely will Never get a good cleaning without the rainbow! I couldn't imagine not having one! Best home cleaning system out there! Cleans your home and your air! It has changed many different aspects of my life from cleaning, good clean air, not having to clean as often and the amazing opportunity to join rainbow!
Melissa C
I was the same as everyone else, not a clue what was going to happen in the demo and not a clue what the product even does! It was the best decision we made to go with the Rainbow. I have more time to do ANYTHING else other than cleaning and for me that is HUGE. Being able to dump out that dirty water is disgusting and extremely satisfying all at the same time! I can very easily get Strep, I would get it about 1-2 times every winter and it seemed to keep getting worse. Two winters now with my Rainbow and no Strep for me! It's amazing! Since I have joined the business I can see how it helps everyone whether they have asthma and allergies or not. Helping anyone get a Rainbow into their home is so exciting because I know it WILL have so many positive effects for their home and health, and will save them money in the future. Plus, the feedback and keeping in touch with my customers is very fulfilling. This is my "full-time" job and I love it. I have time to go on holidays, help out at the farm, run errands, be with family and still be making an awesome income!
Megan de Graaf
With having allergies to pollen and dust. Living on the farm when canola is in full bloom is tough. But with the rainbow running inside my home 24/7 is a safe haven for me as I can breathe in fresh clean water washed air , any time I start feeling sick. It works better than anything else!!!! Love my RAINBOW !!!!
Troy Shackel
I've had a Rainbow for over 30 years. I would never imagine using anything else! I just upgraded my old girl for a brand new rainbow and the changes are out of this world! There is not another product like this in the world and I'm looking forward to another 30 years with my new system! Thinking about a Rainbow?? Trust me... there is nothing to think about! Worth every cent!
David Borowictz
A great home cleaning system!!! My husband had severe bronchitis usually during the winter season.He was taking daily his inhaler and lots antibiotics because he will get very often chest infection.We saw the demo back in August and we decided to invest in,and that was the best investment we ever did. Since we own the RAINBOW my husband never took inhaler and never even once antibiotics.It save as so much health,money and time.
Aaron and Tanya
North Battleford
I love my RAINBOW for many reasons... it has helped reduced the amount of asthma attacks my children had, reduced the amount of inhalers they need to be on. Another reason is I can breath clearly again as I suffer from severe sinus and allergy problem. Thank you RAINBOW you have changed my life ❀😊
North Battleford
Just over a year ago my brother and sister inlaw ask my husband and myslef to do them a favour by watching a presentation on the Rainbow System. I had no idea what it was or how it could/would help my family in so many ways. My family was like so many others getting sick with colds and flus all the time and it going though the whole house, then back around seeming like it would never go away. Since we have had the Rainbow in our home the sickness has cut down at least 90% we don't get sick as often and when we do its not the whole house just 1 or 2 people. Having my family healthy is such an amazing thing. The Rainbow is so much more then just cleaning the germs and viruses out of your air. Rainbow has help with cleaning our home so much that i havr more time to play with the kids instead of having to always be cleaning, dusting, etc. I love that we can use the rainbow in so many different areas in our life from home, veichles, camper, and boat. ❀❀❀ love love love Our Rainbow
Ashley K
Meadow Lake
I get to spend more time with my Family enjoying life just because cleaning with my Rainbow doesn't take as long. Leaving it run as an air purifier reduces the dust and makes cleaning more manageable.
Amber Bannerman
My daughter was born early, and had problems breathing. The doctor was going to put her on inhalers and told me to start checking on her at night, because babies are not mouth breathers, and he was worried when I said she would breath through her mouth, since her nose would get so clogged up in the night and I would have to suction it minimum twice in the night. We purchased our rainbow when she was 5 weeks old and noticed a difference right away just in our air and how it no longer was so stuffy. A week later I noticed my daughter was breathing better, and at night when I would check on her, she no longer was breathing through her mouth and her nose was not clogged. At our 6 week check up with our doctor, he was amazed how much better she was, and said he no longer was going to put her on inhalers! I feel like rainbow gave her, her life. Before she even had a chance she was going to be put on medicine and thought she was going to have problems the rest of her life, well since the rainbow came into our home, that no longer is her future! She will run and play normal, and no more nightly checks or worrying! Rainbow changed our lives, and I am so thankful for it.
We absolutely love our Rainbow. We purchased because of our sick child, and wanted to decrease the dirt and dust in our home. Our Rainbow has done so much more. My husband has suffered terrible headaches since a car accident in 2005, and since having the Rainbow, he finds he takes less meds when at home. Also, the spread of sickness during flu season has decreased drastically in my home, for the first time in years. We also have 2 dogs and 2 cats and when you walked in my house you could smell pets. Now when you walk in it smells clean and fresh. I would and have recommended the Rainbow to everyone I know.
Crystal Hall
Rainbow helped to win my daily "fight" to keep our house clean!! ...ONE Rainbow for everything! Plus using the air purifying feature to take out odours of the house is specially pleasing the hobby cook in me! I love to present this awesome product, to inform, explain health benefits and showing a easy way to clean there home! And I can offer a incredible job opportunity and work with them on there dreams! Rainbow enhanced our life!
Agnes Reimer
I love what the rainbow has done in our home. My 16-year-old daughter got strep throat 3 times in 3 months and was told by the doctor that she would need to get her tonsils out. Before that could happen, we had a lady come in a show us the Rainbow. She made a comment that your vacuum can have the highest level of strep and staph in it. So needless to say, we threw the old vacuum away (actually my son threw it off the deck LOL), we kept the Rainbow that day and she never got strep again and never had her tonsils out. Thank you, Rainbow!!
Melanie Kinch
We have a Siberian Huskey, who sheds ALOT. For those who aren't allergic to him, they're allergic to what he brings in. Before the rainbow, our house wasn't an option for gatherings, no matter how much we cleaned. Now when our friends and family come over, they can breath easy and don't even notice there's a dog in the house. The rainbow has changed how we clean and live day to day. I'm grateful that our parents can stop by without an arsenal of medication and inhalers on hand.
Ashley D'amico
The Rainbow, itself, is a life changing the product for so many families health and homes! That's my motivation to show this product! But... that's not my only motivation; the opportunity to build a profitable business selling a product that I believe in, also motivates me! The business plan is amazing, it allows everyday people to build something so big. I'm truly amazed at how efficient and profitable the business plan is, literally anyone can do it if they have the drive and ambition! Being a stay at home mom of two young children, it's also provided me with an outlet into the "outside" world. It's given me confidence and a reason to put makeup on and dress up! I feel professional and purposeful!
Niki Whinting
Rainbow changed our entire life not just work wise. Before the Rainbow came into our house my son was sick every 3-5 weeks. He caught every single cold on the planet. His immune system was so down from taking so many medications due to his kidney issues. The Rainbow helped him to straighten his immune system just after 1 month with having the rainbow in the house. In 3 years with the Rainbow, he was only once down with a cold and this is why everyone should provide his family with the best air you can get.
Kim Hueter