The Rainbow has changed the way we clean our whole home! At first, i was sceptical about how well it would work but once it was shown how many horrible things it was removing from our home, my husband and I were sold! Keeping a clean home is important to us as our youngest son was born 15 weeks premature and has struggled with respiratory issues since he was born. Purifying our air, in addition to cleaning everything in the house, has been absolutely life changing for us. Also, working with the wonderful people that are part of the Rainbow opportunity has been an added bonus. Thank you Rainbow for changing our lives for the better.

--Vanessa Antoine

I can’t say enough about how much I love being a part of this amazing group and represent this 1 of a kind product! The Rainbow has changed my life in so many ways. It has improved both mine and my husband’s health, provided a flexible way for me to earn money and have time at home, and introduced me to a wonderful group of people! I absolutely love working around my schedule, bonuses, and having such a positive vibe with my Rainbow family. I’m so glad I said yes to my friend and let her show me the opportunity and the Rainbow I now use every day.

--Tracey Mounsey

When I was first introduced to Rainbow, I was preparing to do a big move to a new province. My husband and I were starting a new venture. I wanted to know more about the opportunity than the rainbow. I convinced my husband to sit with me through the demo, and that’s where my journey started. I was sold right away, even my husband who is the most stubborn person you will meet was sold. I knew 20 minutes into the demo that I needed this, and so does everyone else I know. I had nothing to lose except for the dirt in my house!! My journey has just begun and I can’t wait to see what my future with Rainbow has.

--Tina Belsey

“About 9 months ago my wife clicked on a Facebook link. She told me she had someone coming over to show us something and we get a free gift to partake. I was very hesitant at first as I was very busy working as a manager on the railway for British Columbia Fleet. I was on the phones and wasn’t allowed to leave my computers and phones for too long. When the Rainbow rep came over with her trainee I was like okay lets get through this and I need to get back to work. Not knowing what the whole presentation was, I was a little ignorant as to what I was about to witness. Over a short period of time I went from okay this is cool to fully intrigued. Amanda and I looked at each other and said we need this system for our oldest daughter for sure and our other 3 children. My oldest daughter was the youngest Heart and Lung Transplant Recipient in North America and maybe the world back in 2011 at age 3. With her having a lung transplant every breath of air can be detrimental to how healthy her lungs can be and how far into rejection she may go. With lung transplants you cant just stop breathing cause the air is garbage, you still need to inhale what ever is around you and pay the consequences later. When they got into the air wash and how it traps all the contaminates in the water and pushes water washed air, we were sold. Then when they got to the sanitizer section we knew we couldn’t afford to let this machine leave our house as we could all be healthier and for my oldest less time in the hospital. Which of course for a working family is crucial to make sure all the kids go to school and don’t miss class time and the parents can go to work and not miss income coming into the household. Lets face it when a child is in hospital the whole world comes to a stop to make sure that little one recovers and can be discharged. We knew our vacuum cleaner was garbage, but when they started showing us how ineffective our vacuum cleaner was we knew that the Rainbow was far superior than anything on the market. This Rainbow became a life changer for my family. The rep went over the numbers for us to go all in and the power of opportunity. This is where my life changed for the better. For me to go from managing the railway in British Columbia and being away from home a lot and when I was home I was glued to my phone and computers my family had a huge wedge in the middle of it. When I was given the opportunity to join the business I was worried as I was walking away from 15 years on the rails, what was I about to embark on. But I knew this was something my family and I needed and I wanted to give my family. This opportunity has given me the chance to become a better father and be there for my kids and help with the medical a lot more. As well be a better husband and be able to support my wife and help her with the kids and around the house. This opportunity has given me more time to spend doing the things that matter most to myself and my family. Now I can turn around and share my same passion and joy with others and helping other families with an amazing product and showing them how great this opportunity can be for them. Last but not least my story wouldn’t of been possible for a great management team that did not give up on me and made sure that the rainbow didnt leave my house. At first, due to all the time missed from work due to medical i fell behind on bills and of course affected my credit. I actually was declined by the financing company, the team did not want to give up on my owning a rainbow. After lots of back and forth i finally got approved and the rainbow never left my house and now i am working the business. I can confindently say my oldest daughter has been sick less and she has not been hospitlized with any respitory illnesses. Back in May of 2019 when the smoke from the northern Alberta and BC fires came into Calgary we turned our rainmates on and rainbow on. When i saw the water turn yellow from the house breathing i knew that my daughter was breathing fresh air. Using water as a filter indeed does work! Thank you Rainbow”

--Thomas McCallum

LOVE MY RAINBOW! & The opportunity that is offered. I appreciate the people who have been involved in my life since my Rainbow opportunity. When I was a full time dealer, the amount of people whose life has changed whether it be in a financial state, or healthier lifestyle, is incredible. Need to get back into it. Everyone needs a Rainbow! 🙂

--Tasha Ziegler

I came across a post on my relatives Facebook. It was a picture of her with this thing called a rainmate it explained that a rainmate was a $200 air purifier. And that I could receive one for free. So me being the person that likes free stuff! I filled out the survey. A couple days later I got a call from a lady named Alicia she said I had been chosen to receive the free rainmate and ask me when she could come and see us so we set up an appointment and she explained that she would bring the rainmate and she would bring their larger unit and do an air wash on my entire home. Sounded pretty cool who doesn’t like to breathe clean air so she came over and she showed us how to use our rainmate and explained everything it did with scents and the sani and that you could use a eucalyptus for when you’re sick and that it actually helps up to 40% of snoring issues. Of course my husband said I was the snorer LOL

--Tammy Nicholson

I filled out the survey because I was interested in the rainmate. I was stoked when I was contacted by the rep at the time to tell me I was going to recieve it. I had heard about rainbow from my mom who was shown the system back when my siblings and I were little. My fiance and I thought we could beat the system. We don’t have carpet in our house just a large area rug in our living room. We took the area rug out side, pressure washed it, squeegee’d the cat/dog hair out of it, hung dried it outside and brought it back in and went over with our Bissell vacuum. I had absolutely no intention of buying anything! I was on government assistance at the time with two kids under 2.5 years old so money was very tight. Needless to say, when they came over with the rainbow and I saw all the disgusting stuff that was still pulled from that area rug I was BLOWN away. I could not believe I was letting my babies crawl around on that! Of course at the end I was sold. I wanted it, but I still new that financially I couldn’t do it. Then I was told about the rainbow opportunity! The fact that this system is 100% completely affordable for every person no matter where they are in life! I’m definitely a skeptical person, I know how sales work. I know the things they say to make everything sound good, and typically they only care about the sale. I said “yes” to the opportunity but didn’t do anything to get going with it for 2 months, looking back at what I have accomplished with the company now my regret is the fact that I wish I would have gotten started earlier! Rainbow is definitely legit!!! You can get your rainbow for free, and you will! The company will take you to new heights, help you build your confidence, support and cheer you on . There is so much positivity around everything we do in this opportunity, it is honestly life changing. Not to mention the fact that we get to offer this opportunity to others to change their life. There is honestly nothing else out there that even compares. Don’t second guess, take the leap of faith and work towards a better tomorrow!

--Tamara Hoet

My daughter was born early, and had problems breathing. The doctor was going to put her on inhalers and told me to start checking on her at night, because babies are not mouth breathers, and he was worried when I said she would breath through her mouth, since her nose would get so clogged up in the night and I would have to suction it minimum twice in the night. We purchased our rainbow when she was 5 weeks old and noticed a difference right away just in our air and how it no longer was so stuffy. A week later I noticed my daughter was breathing better, and at night when I would check on her, she no longer was breathing through her mouth and her nose was not clogged. At our 6 week check up with our doctor, he was amazed how much better she was, and said he no longer was going to put her on inhalers! I feel like rainbow gave her, her life. Before she even had a chance she was going to be put on medicine and thought she was going to have problems the rest of her life, well since the rainbow came into our home, that no longer is her future! She will run and play normal, and no more nightly checks or worrying! Rainbow changed our lives, and I am so thankful for it.


I absolutely love my rainbow!! It amazes me every time I use it! You definitely willNever get a good cleaning without the rainbow! I couldn’t imagine not having one! Best home cleaning system out there! Cleans your home and your air! It has changed many different aspects of my life from cleaning, good clean air, not having to clean as often and the amazing opportunity to join rainbow!

--Melissa C

I was the same as everyone else, not a clue what was going to happen in the demo and not a clue what the product even does! It was the best decision we made to go with the Rainbow. I have more time to do ANYTHING else other than cleaning and for me that is HUGE. Being able to dump out that dirty water is disgusting and extremely satisfying all at the same time!I can very easily get Strep, I would get it about 1-2 times every winter and it seemed to keep getting worse. Two winters now with my Rainbow and no Strep for me! It’s amazing! Since I have joined the business I can see how it helps everyone whether they have asthma and allergies or not. Helping anyone get a Rainbow into their home is so exciting because I know it WILL have so many positive effects for their home and health, and will save them money in the future. Plus, the feedback and keeping in touch with my customers is very fulfilling. This is my “full-time” job and I love it. I have time to go on holidays, help out at the farm, run errands, be with family and still be making an awesome income!

--Megan de Graaf

I love my RAINBOW for many reasons… it has helped reduced the amount of asthma attacks my children had, reduced the amount of inhalers they need to be on. Another reason is I can breath clearly again as I suffer from severe sinus and allergy problem. Thank you RAINBOW you have changed my life ❤😊


With having allergies to pollen and dust. Living on the farm when canola is in full bloom is tough. But with the rainbow running inside my home 24/7 is a safe haven for me as I can breathe in fresh clean water washed air , any time I start feeling sick. It works better than anything else!!!! Love my RAINBOW !!!!

--Troy Shackel

Just over a year ago my brother and sister inlaw ask my husband and myslef to do them a favour by watching a presentation on the Rainbow System. I had no idea what it was or how it could/would help my family in so many ways. My family was like so many others getting sick with colds and flus all the time and it going though the whole house, then back around seeming like it would never go away. Since we have had the Rainbow in our home the sickness has cut down at least 90% we don’t get sick as often and when we do its not the whole house just 1 or 2 people. Having my family healthy is such an amazing thing. The Rainbow is so much more then just cleaning the germs and viruses out of your air. Rainbow has help with cleaning our home so much that i havr more time to play with the kids instead of having to always be cleaning, dusting, etc. I love that we can use the rainbow in so many different areas in our life from home, veichles, camper, and boat. ❤❤❤ love love love Our Rainbow

--Ashley K

I’ve had a Rainbow for over 30 years. I would never imagine using anything else! I just upgraded my old girl for a brand new rainbow and the changes are out of this world! There is not another product like this in the world and I’m looking forward to another 30 years with my new system! Thinking about a Rainbow?? Trust me… there is nothing to think about! Worth every cent!

--David Borowictz

A great home cleaning system!!! My husband had severe bronchitis usually during the winter season.He was taking daily his inhaler and lots antibiotics because he will get very often chest infection.We saw the demo back in August and we decided to invest in,and that was the best investment we ever did. Since we own the RAINBOW my husband never took inhaler and never even once antibiotics.It save as so much health,money and time.

--Aaron and Tanya

I get to spend more time with my Family enjoying life just because cleaning with my Rainbow doesn’t take as long. Leaving it run as an air purifier reduces the dust and makes cleaning more manageable.

--Amber Bannerman

We absolutely love our Rainbow. We purchased because of our sick child, and wanted to decrease the dirt and dust in our home. Our Rainbow has done so much more. My husband has suffered terrible headaches since a car accident in 2005, and since having the Rainbow, he finds he takes less meds when at home. Also, the spread of sickness during flu season has decreased drastically in my home, for the first time in years. We also have 2 dogs and 2 cats and when you walked in my house you could smell pets. Now when you walk in it smells clean and fresh. I would and have recommended the Rainbow to everyone I know.

--Crystal Hall

I didn’t find Rainbow. Rainbow found me. I was tired of always cleaning, always being behind on restocking expensive disposable products, and tired of the whole system! The Rainbow SRX sparked my interest and re-energized my routine and showed me a new way to remove dirt and breathe cleaner air. The more time I’ve spent learning about this company, the more I’ve wanted to be part of its mission. Starting with my own home, then sharing it with others. Below the surface, Rainbow has a beautiful intention and a charitable group of people trying to make a difference in the world.


Months ago I filled out a survey on Facebook for a free air purifier. I never thought something so small would change mine and my families lives. We had such a kind woman come into our home and share the most amazing cleaning system on the planet. We knew we just had to have it, and even better yet she shared the opportunity to change our lives. Since purchasing our rainbow I have became a healthier, happier, more driven person. This company not only helps you succeed but makes you feel good about helping others. I am just at the start of my journey but I know amazing things are yet to come. Thank you to my new rainbow family, I looks forward to what the future has in store!

--Shianne Richardson

I became Rainbow amazed.Was one of the best things to EVER enter my life! Grateful to know!! Presently I spread the wonderful word about how incredible they are and make a real difference in the lives of others creating both health, happiness and offering others opportunity to be on this wonderful journey! My children are my reason why. I am passionate about the unique unit that is just beyond fantastic!


Rainbow is absolutely mind blowing I swear I can not wait to start my incredible journey with this company and all the amazing people in it ! Plus rainbow has changed everything when it comes to my day to day life and made it a lot healthier that’s for sure. This company changes lives and cares about the lives they are changing I think that has to be the best part honestly it’s not all about sales it’s about a family who cares about each other

--Shania docken

Thank you so much Amanda & Sheldon M. We love our rainbow. It’s nice to be able to have guests and them not have issues with allergies and our place always feels clean.

--Sarina C.

As a wife/mom one of our many daily things is keeping the house clean. When the rainbow team came and showed me what all this spectacular machine could do I remember I could have cried. When I seen the comparison to my old vacuum vs the rainbow I was in utter shock. My family has allergies and athsma and since using the air purifier daily I have noticed a substantial difference in our breathing and need to use our inhalers. I look forward to vacuuming knowing I’m getting everything out of my carpets now where as before I was only spreading it and digging it deeper into the carpet. I have recommended the rainbow to everyone I know. I even find myself having get together and showing it off to everyone. It’s affordable and definitely making our lives easier. Thank you rainbow team for introducing us to moms new FAVOURITE toy

--Sammi Martin

I love Rainbow. My Rainbow has changed my life in so many ways. I have gone from obsessively cleaning my house for hours to be able to only clean once a week and be with my family and to raise my family in a safe clean environment. My family was sick all the time and now we all get sick maybe once a year. I am so truly blessed to be able to give my family the cleanest air and house to live in.

--Robyn Johnson

I love Rainbow. My Rainbow has changed my life in so many ways. I have gone from obsessively cleaning my house for hours to be able to only clean once a week and be with my family and to raise my family in a safe clean environment. My family was sick all the time and now we all get sick maybe once a year. I am so truly blessed to be able to give my family the cleanest air and house to live in.

--Robyn Johnson

We purchased the Rainbow a couple years ago. I can say , that over the years I have invested lots of money on vacuum cleaners, never never ever have I been so pleased with a vacuum cleaner as I am with the Rainbow. I could go on forever about how pleased we are with how well it cleans the carpets, furniture, beds , etc. The best investment ever. Recently, I had a few minor malfunctions, and brought it into Direct Ventures, I was overwhelmed with the prompt attention, professionalism, the amazing presentation of the facility/shop and quick service I was provided. I would rate this customer service 10/10 hands down. This is not a paid testimonial or was I persuaded to write one. But I can certainly say ,money well invested . Cheers Rob

--Rob Halfyard

As soon as I saw what the Rainbow could do, I knew I had to figure out a way to get it. I was so greatful to know I was going to be able to give my little girl the best in life. Joining the business to earn it for free was a gift and now that I am here, I can’t wait to make this my career and be successful for the both of us. Thank you to my Rainbow family that has given me so much!

--Pamela Fisher

The Rainbow, itself, is a life changing the product for so many families health and homes! That’s my motivation to show this product! But… that’s not my only motivation; the opportunity to build a profitable business selling a product that I believe in, also motivates me!The business plan is amazing, it allows everyday people to build something so big. I’m truly amazed at how efficient and profitable the business plan is, literally anyone can do it if they have the drive and ambition! Being a stay at home mom of two young children, it’s also provided me with an outlet into the “outside” world. It’s given me confidence and a reason to put makeup on and dress up! I feel professional and purposeful!

--Niki Whiting

I don’t even know where to begin on how the rainbow has changed our lives!! My son and I both have asthma and allergies and were taking meds constantly and for the last 3 years no meds at all!!!! Like how is that even possible??? The rainbow has helped us thru a flood in our basement and so much more. You take my rainbow and I’m coming after you lol

--Natasha morneau

“Where do I begin!!!! Well I had my demo in April and was totally not expecting to buy let alone be in this business!!!We bought the rainbow bc well of course we fell in love with it, especially bc my son and I both have asthma and allergies and I also run a day home so loved the sanitize feature!!! I wanted to do the ride along program to get mine for free. I didn’t have the best connection with my demo person as things were not explained well to us on what a qualified demo means..I still did 7 ride alongs and then decided the opportunity was way more beneficial!!! Who would of thought this is something I would have enjoyed so much and been so good at…lol I sold my 7 a lines in the 3 months and haven’t looked back!!! I absolutely love the rainbow family and everything they stand for. I cant wait to really get this business going to be financially free as we are a paycheck to paycheck family..and we are sick of being stressed about money.. Love Jaylene and Dallas and everything they do for us! Couldn’t ask for a better opportunity!!!

--Natasha Morneau

I absolutely love my rainbow. It’s a life changer 🙂 I couldn’t believe how much dirt and filth was in myHouse & since I bought mine my home had been the cleanest I’ve ever had it lol ! No more snoring, house quality is Always clean, a lot of benefits with zero to none downsides to owning one. You’d be a fool Not to take the time to invest in a rainbow 🌈! I love mine and so will you !

--Nat Yankson

This machine is amazing! I’ve had one for a couple years and couldnt imagine life without it!! If your thinking of getting one… DO IT!!! It will be the best decision youve ever made! My kids allergies are gone and I havent needed my puffer in months! My house could not be cleaner!

--Mike Mcnabb

When I entered a draw at the baby and tot show for a free water filter air purifier, I had no clue that it would turn into all that this Rainbow opportunity has become. I was shown the Rainbow in my home and was completely blown away. How did I not know anything about this until now?! I 100% needed to share this with my favourite people. It took me 3 weeks to get my money back for the Rainbow, and by then, I was hooked. I had this amazing machine, I had a whole new friend group full of people who were so unbelievably supportive, and I had the opportunity of a lifetime. I went to school to become a pastry chef and shortly after, I transitioned into a new chapter of life – single motherhood. This has been the single most challenging time of my entire life. Not only have I been able to support my kids financially with this business, I also have gained a whole new Rainbow family that is constantly pushing me to be the best possible version of myself. I could not be more thankful for such an amazing journey. Thank you so much to Rexair and every member of the Rainbow family for offering opportunities to change lives every single day. Xoxo 🌈

--Michaela Bienert

Oh great what did my wife sign us up for now… my initial thoughts as I arrived home from a long 12 hour shift only to be reminded that we had an “appointment” with a rep to receive our free gift. I had zero interest whatsoever and my wife insisted that I “vacuum” the living room before we had any guests over, after I had finished up the rep at the time came into my home and began to show us the rainmate, still uninterested by the whole thing I was one of those hard sale guys we all run into and was frequently not paying attention and leaving the room… AND THEN HE PULLED OUT THE HOSE. I kindly assured the man that he was wasting his time and would not be able to get any dirt out of my house , as I had JUST used our brand new 1000$ Dyson on our floors and I was confident that NOTHING would come out…. we all know what happens from here on in. We were completely amazed and I was blown away by how much dirt came out of my home. I joined the business without any hesitation , as I figured my entire family and group of friends would purchase this amazing system without any remorse, which of course they did. I completed my program quickly and after a year of doing this business part time , I was finally convinced to join in full time . I ended up leaving my foreman position at a large electrical company I had been at for 8 years and took the plunge. It was one of the most beneficial decisions I have made in my life, the system is incredible , the team is outstanding and the support and guidance you will receive from your leaders and peers is second to none. I am now in the process of working towards opening my own office as a distributor and bring the big dreamer with hard work and determination qualities into fruition of an even larger goal and ultimately changing my life and the lives of many others, this will be no issue. If you ever considered joining the business or even owning a Rainbow system DO IT. Just go for it , we all have dreams and desires and this opportunity can take you there. I will never deny the fact that this system has changed my life as I know it , forever , and it can do the exact same for you if you’re willing to let it. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, because it will, and if you don’t hang onto this Rainbow train for the ride; you will surely wish you grabbed your ticket when you see where it’s headed… ❤️🌈❤️Love you all.

--Michael Van Middelkoop

I love what the rainbow has done in our home. My 16-year-old daughter got strep throat 3 times in 3 months and was told by the doctor that she would need to get her tonsils out. Before that could happen, we had a lady come in a show us the Rainbow. She made a comment that your vacuum can have the highest level of strep and staph in it. So needless to say, we threw the old vacuum away (actually my son threw it off the deck LOL), we kept the Rainbow that day and she never got strep again and never had her tonsils out. Thank you, Rainbow!!

--Melanie Kinch

Hi My name is Mary Wiebe from Reinfeld Mb East of Winkler Mb. I am a wife and a mother of four Beautiful children. This is my testimony our four children and me and my husband Had severe asthma and we were in the hospital 24/7 or 2 to 3 times a day just for the doctors to tell me there is nothing wrong with my children 🤔 In January of this year my kids had asthma specialist appointment Here in Winkler and she said that my kids had uncontrollable asthma. Take the Puffers twice in the morning and twice in the evening. And they were still having asthma attacks I was to the point I didn’t know what to do anymore .My friend Ire from Reinfeld had told me two years ago to get one of these rainbows And I told her I’m not sure if I want to try it because I’ve tried so much out there.She said no Mary this will help you and your kids . I said no I was a little scared to I would wait for now and then I entered a draw for a Rainmate in Nov I think. Kim and Rachel from Winkler were working the show I entered to win that. I prayed about it And she called again I said OK today work.Kim and Rachel team over and showed us the amazing machine wow we were so impressed that evening I could feel that I could breathe better and my kids could feel it to so we said yes I want it. Up until that day we were in and out of the hospital all day every day thank the good Lord for helping them pick or name it has changed us 100% no more asthma attacks and two of my children asthma is gone 💯. My youngest 2 just needs it when it’s stinks smoky outside and my oldest needs it when he runs my oldest daughter still needs it here in there.🙏🙏🙏 Now when I go to the hospital because of my kids broke a bone they look at me and say why do you not come anymore are your kids not sick anymore I said nope I got Rainbow. So yes the rainbow is amazing and a lifesaver we use it every single day and if you have more questions you can call me or text me if you would like a demo from me give me a call or shoot me a text you have to see it to believe it My story.April 25 2017 God bless you all

--Mary D Wiebe

Absolutely amazing! So pleased with this product.

--Margaret Dumoulin

I love the rainbow whole home cleaning system. We moved to Ontario in 1984. A few years later my younger brother started selling the rainbow. When I moved away from home to Manitoba, I asked my parents if I could take the rainbow with me, which they said no to. I hadn’t heard anything about rainbow still being around until middle of 2016. I figured I couldn’t afford it, but in May when Kim came and showed it to us, I knew we couldn’t be without it any longer. We had our daughter and son-in-love living with us with their two babies. Nicole was born 3 months premature and in January she turned 1 and shortly after her first birthday, she was diagnosed with pneumonia for the second time in her short life. She and Thomas (our grandson), were having runny noses as well. Since we got the rainbow, the runny noses stopped and I can rest knowing that now when they come to visit us they will have clean air to breath. It has also reduced the snoring in our family even the dogs have stopped snoring. I am so thankful that God sent rainbow into our life and look forward to helping a lot of people be able to live a healthier life.Margaret


When I first saw the rainbow and what it was capable of doing, I wanted one so bad! My dog has really bad skin allergies and every time she lays on my rug, she goes into a crazy scratching fit. We tried medications, but nothing would completely stop the itching. So we got the rainbow. Tikka can be comfortable in every part of my house now! My family also loves the air quality we are getting throughout our house. We sleep and breathe so much better. My cleaning rituals have been cut in half for sure and the rainbow has made cleaning effortless and fun! Now because of its amazingness I had to join the business. It has gotten me out of my comfort zone which I have been needing for a long time. It’s easy to share products like these when you stand behind them in all they can do! Thank you, Rainbow!! My family loves you!!❤️🌈

--Madison Pierunek

“Hello I am Liz I have had my Rainbow demo August/19!! I want to let you know my husband and. I have fostering babies 14 in the last 10 years. Our last three babies came to us with bad medical problems!! We have tried everything to stop the breathing issues and allergies they all have!! We would take turns with puffers and sleepless nights and scary hospital trips!! When we had our demo our rep was amazing and so compassionate!! During our demo I cried as I believe that our house was clean to see the DANGEROUS Hazards coming out every where!! I wanted all in!! That was the night I joined the company!! Company and my Representative worked so hard to make sure we got to keep that Rainbow!!!! The first night as it ran our children did not cough or needdd any puffers they slept threw the night!! I cried as they are 6-5-4 years old and we have had them from birth!! The next couple days I spent cleaning everything and taking photos. Each night they slept without breathing issues. The rainbow has changed our lives and the health of our babies. I took videos to shoe how they slept and their behavior!! I’m very passionate and believe in the Rainbow as the health of the children we love so much have changed and my family is so much healthier and closer. So with that taking that time to change your family health and know when you are cleaning you really are cleaning with such ease!! Thank you for listening to my testimony of my passion and belief of the Rainbow and how I will bring to every one to allow you to feel the power. Thank you

--Liz Sinclair

Omg I can’t even begin to say how many changes the rainbow has made in my families life! It all started at my massage therapist’s house. She had a Rainmate in her massage room and I asked her where I could get one, I loved it! It made this soothing calm rain hitting the window sound, but it also had a really nice smell in her room that wasn’t there the last time I was there! She told me that there was even a product I could put in the water to to kill the germs and stuff in the air, I loved that part too because I have a waxing studio in my house and with flus and Covid I felt it would be great to have it in my studio room. We had our demo, my husband did not want to be a part of it but I told him he had to be and pretty much within the first 15 minutes he changed his tune. We bought a rainbow, I did the program that they offered to get my money back for my rainbow, because why not? I was going my program and that was going to be it! Well almost a year and a half later I am still here and have been able to help so many families and open their eyes to what a real clean home means, Whether it be to clean their air or clean their home in the only effective way. I do rainbow less than part time and make the most money I’ve ever made by just sharing a passion! My husband just retired with his job to join me in Rainbow! Not only have I gained a Rainbow family I now have my husband right by my side every day Helping me share this amazing machine! My kids have even taken an interest in it, so we will truly be a Rainbow family and that’s amazing! And again the people that surround us in the rainbow world are all amazing, it’s been the most positive rewarding job I have ever had or heard of! Can’t wait to see what evolves in the next couple of years!! I know it will be great!

--Lisa Salter

I had no idea what was happening when they showed up at my home but by the end, I was so grateful they’d come by! This product has literally changed my life. I struggle with complex health issues and extreme fatigue. Before the Rainbow, housework was mostly left to my husband and I felt useless. But it’s so easy to use and can do so much with it that I actually feel like a contributing member of our family again.Having fibromyalgia and lung issues, I’ve often struggled with the crap (literally!) that’s in the air. I’m sensitive to smells and chemicals and Okanagan fire season was a time I was always sick. With the Rainbow running all the time our air quality is amazing (and the scents to put it’ll it don’t bother me at all!) Improved air quality=improved health=better quality of life. And my home now feels like the safest place to be during fire season.


I love my rainbow. My kids have nice fresh air to breath and cleaner carpet to crawl on. I use my rainbow to clean those hard things around the house. There are so many spills in a day that I dont even know how I cleaned before I got my rainbow!


An unbelievable Product! It’s crazy when you realize how much dirt and dust was in your home. Seeing that dead skin come off my daughters bed and teddy bears was absolutely disgusting. The business side is even more unbelievable. This product has changed my life and the business has changed even more. When Michelle and I met in Alberta she told me she wanted to move back to BC. I always wanted to live in the Okanagan and I never thought I would ever be able to. When I saw the potential in this I knew I had to do it, So after 12 years of working for an oilfield job working over 4000 hours a year for my family, I realized that I was not doing anything for my family except for breaking it apart and getting further in debt. So I decided to go all in and quit my job, after 2 years I ended up in the Okanagan living where we wanted to live. When I first started people wondered why I would walk away and from a ” great job” and do this, now they are all wondering how I was able to do it. Living the Rainbow lifestyle is the best career decision I could have made! We get to spend the next 20 years in flip flops looking for the Ogopogo, no regrets!


When I bought my house there was a Rainbow in the basement. It was older than I am. It was better than anything I have used to clean before. About a year later a dear friend of mine took me out for lunch. We had been working together for nearly 10 years and did this often. He told me about a business opportunity that had knocked on his door and was so excited to share it with me. By the end of the lunch I was on board. I went home and the uncertainty set in. I did upgrade my old machine for the new one. But was to insecure with my own abilities to take the dive into the business with him. I watched over the years as this chance he took changed his life. He had more time with his child , something I had always longed for. Finally I took the chance. I have been welcomed into this Family with open arms and unconditional support. There is no other product on the market that helps so many families and also provides the opportunity to change so many lives. If you think you can’t do this … please believe me , you can! You won’t be alone!

--Kirsten Robertson

Rainbow changed our entire life not just work wise. Before the Rainbow came into our house my son was sick every 3-5 weeks. He caught every single cold on the planet. His immune system was so down from taking so many medications due to his kidney issues. The Rainbow helped him to straighten his immune system just after 1 month with having the rainbow in the house. In 3 years with the Rainbow, he was only once down with a cold and this is why everyone should provide his family with the best air you can get.

--Kim Hueter

I was extremely happy with our Rainbow vacuum that we bought 5 years ago. However, it needed to be serviced, as it was not working properly. Since there are no service departments in Saskatchewan I had my mother bring it to Calgary while she was visiting there. We called ahead of time to ensure that the vacuum could be serviced and were told yes it could within the time frame that she would be in the city. She dropped it off and left her contact information to be called back when it was completed. She called the day before after several unanswered calls back, she did finally get through and was told it was not done and would hopefully be done by the next day. She went there the next day and the vacuum did arrive eventually. She brought it home to us and we noticed that the cover for the part they replaced was missing, making the vacuum unusable. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach the service department we finally got through asking if the part could be returned to us. A part was put in the mail the next day and we did receive it, however it was the wrong part. We tried calling and emailing back but could not get through. We have called the main offices in Michigan and Edmonton and they can not do anything for us, but offered to sell us a new vacuum!! We would like our vacuum back to working error so that we can continue to enjoy our Rainbow vacuum!

--Kelly Reis

My son has so many allergies I couldn’t imagine life without Rainbow. Before Rainbow came into our lives I was cleaning every single day trying to keep up on my sons allergies. I thought it was the cleanest home ever but still my son was congested all day & night. The only thing our specialist could recommend was allergy medication until one day we opened our door and hearts to rainbow and it instantly changed our lives. After they started pulling dog hair and dirt from my hardwood and every surface I cleaned day in and out I knew we needed this more then anything. Within minutes we could feel a change in our air quality and within 24 hours we all could breath better and my sons congestion had subsided. Now a year later I couldn’t be more thankful to the rainbow family that helped my family.

--Kayla Peters

The Rainbow has been such a blessing in our home! We run a big cattle ranch, which means a ton of dirt, dust, and everything else a person can imagine! Our farmhouse is old and needing an upgrade, my kids were always sick with colds or runny noses and eyes. Since running the rainbow in our home, my daughter’s one eye (that has been weepy since birth) has stopped! Our winter has been wonderful with no runny noses to wipe. I can’t say enough about the purifing and air washing ability this machine has, but the cleaning end of it is just the icing on the cake!! Being able to clean less and still have such minimal dust is great. And the floor attachments make cleaning a breeze. I want every person to have one of these!

--Kate V.

Rainbow has changed my life! The Machine and the Business! Ever since I have owned one coming up 4 years now and I have no idea how I lived without before! I’m thankful to get rid of the dirt before my baby was born too! I feel great knowing I have the best air quality because of the Rainbow! The business is like no other! I can spend more time being home with my daughter, work fewer hours and not miss those first steps! Rainbow is surrounded with amazing people who are helping families and changing their lives! Nothing gets better than helping a family who needs a rainbow!

--Jovanna Whitefish

I absolutely love Rainbow! Not only the product, but the opportunity as well as all of the awesome people within it. The Rainbow itself is amazing; there is literally nothing else like it. It cleans your whole house on another level that only it can reach! Not only that, but it cleans your air. Having clean air to breathe is extremely important. I’ve always had trouble breathing and the Rainbow has had a huge impact on that. I love how satisfying it is knowing that you are actually getting rid of all of the dust and dirt in your home and not spreading it around. I also love the fact that I don’t have to clean as often. The opportunity has been amazing and I will never go back to a regular job. Rainbow is a way of life that allows you to make your own schedule and be rewarded for working hard. You get free trips! This month I’ve made by far the most money that I ever have and not even working as much. I’ve already been able to go on an incredible trip with Rainbow and I look forward to many more! I look at how much I’ve grown as a person since joining this one of a kind business and it astounds me. I love that everyone is there to support you and help you be successful. I also love that the Rainbow improves health and helps many families. All I can say is, Rainbow has had a significant impact on my life and many others’ as well and I urge everyone to at least give it a try! It could change your life as well!

--Jordan Harberg

Fellow dealers. We all know the reason we bought the Rainbow. From the time they opened the box in our house we believed how effective and efficient this machine does. We all realized how we can save time, money and protect our health using rainbow to its full potential. But for me this became an opportunity to be my source of income. I was laid off from work last January 2019. The first time I attended the open house, I was inspired by Jaylene how she becomes the person she is right now. I’m a really shy person and not the salesperson type of guy. But when I saw how easy Rainbow can be my business… I decided to really GO-ALL-IN. Now, I’m earning money while having more time spending with my family. Being a rainbow dealer for me is an answered prayer.

--John Limjuico

The rainbow has been a great addition to our family. It has helped with my daughter asthma and has cut down on the amount of money I spend on cleaning supplies. I love it I especially love to use our rainbow with sanitizer during the colds and flu seasons. It has reduced the snoring in our house which means more peaceful sleeps. I could imagine my life without the rainbow. It’s one of the family now.

--Jessica reginato

We have had our rainbow now for close to one year! Before rainbow came into our lives my son was always sick, he had RSV as a newborn baby which made his lungs weak. He had to be admitted into the childrens stollery hospital. Once we were allowed to go home I thought everything would be better, but unfortunately everytime a virus came around he was the one to get it. he was put on puffers and seemed to always be admitted to the hospital. I am over the moon excited to say we have been close to a year hospital free and puffer free! THANK YOU RAINBOW

--jessica Johnson

I love it!

--Jennifer Belanger

OMG! In the first two nights using the Rain Mate in our bedroom, we are snore and sinus problem free. Hubby usually cuts wood all night and we both usually have stuffed up sinuses. NOT ANYMORE!!! I have my new Rainbow set up in the central part of our home cleaning and freshening the air 24/7! Haven’t shut it off since it was purchased! Luv luv it!! Thank you Rainbow!!

--Jean Davies

Our family love rainbow! Before we had rainbow in our house, my wife have to take antihistamine and puff her inhaler almost every night due to her asthma and allergic rhinitis. Then Rainbow was introduced to our family and helped her breathe easily in just a week!! Now, she don’t have to take her antihistamine and puffers anymore. We also love that the Rainbow don’t just clean the air. It also cleans our whole house. It’s an all in one package. I know it’s too good to be true but it’s the real deal! That is the reason why we decided to join the business side of it as well. I want to share it to families and change their life as it changed mine and my family’s life. Through rainbow, I also met amazing people that now became our extended family. Thank you Rainbow for the opportunity and for helping my family in all ways.

--James Libradilla

Our family love rainbow! Before we had rainbow in our house, my wife have to take antihistamine and puff her inhaler almost every night due to her asthma and allergic rhinitis. Then Rainbow was introduced to our family and helped her breathe easily in just a week!! Now, she don’t have to take her antihistamine and puffers anymore. We also love that the Rainbow don’t just clean the air. It also cleans our whole house. It’s an all in one package. I know it’s too good to be true but it’s the real deal! That is the reason why we decided to join the business side of it as well. I want to share it to families and change their life as it changed mine and my family’s life. Through rainbow, I also met amazing people that now became our extended family. Thank you Rainbow for the opportunity and for helping my family in all ways.

--James L

This awesome machine has basically eradicated my need for my inhaler and everything is clean and smells amazing

--Jadan paluck

I love my Rainbow! The fact that Rainbow uses water as a filter makes me already happy! There is nothing that will calm me down and give me more comfort of knowing when I clean the dust, the dirt, all the germs that I stir up in the air while cleaning and moving around is removed just like that, if Rainbow is working. I love to have my Rainbow handy anytime I need it! Either for cleaning the house, the air, to mop or just use the Rainbow as an Air purifier or aromatize my house with all the wonderful sense, which our system is MULTIFUNCTIONING in more then just one way! The Job opportunity Rainbow offers is excellent. You make your own hours, you keep yourself as busy as you need and you represent an amazing Product, that’s been out for almost 100 years :)….Rainbow is amazing!


My wife and I have been with this company for almost three years now, and can not see ourselves ever doing anything else. They came and saw us on a cold December night back in 2018, and completely changed our lives. We’ve met and worked with so many awesome people and been to places we never dreamed we’d get to go. Our Mentors Jay and Dall inspire us and so many others to be the best versions of our selves we can possibly be, and this opportunity is absolutely amazing. If you want to work with awesome people, make full-time money in part-time hours, and go on trips all around the world, then you’ve come to the right place!


In the past I knew very little about Rainbow. My sister in law and mother in law had one, thought that was good for them and me and my Dyson were set! Then last summer I saw a friend post a survey on Facebook for a free Rainmate so I went for it!After seeing the demo and what my 6 month old baby is crawling around in everyday I had to make this purchase for my family to have for years to come! Now currently in my program to get the Rainbow for free it has given me a bit of work to do while on mat leave, and I enjoy that! Everyone is so friendly and happy to help! Excited to see where this Rainbow adventure will lead to 🙂


Growing up my parents had a Rainbow. At the time I never really understood anything really about it other than you put water in it and then afterwards the water was all nasty. Last year me and my girlfriend took our kids to the Baby and Tot Show in Calgary. As we were roaming around the show we were approached to enter for a little water filtered air purifier. So we did. Couple months later we received a message that we received one for free. So we set up and appointment. An amazing Rep from the Calgary office came to show us it. Needless to say we were mind blown how amazing The Rainbow was so we got it and when we found out we could go all in and get it for free we jumped at the opportunity. The Rainbow and the business changed my life forever in the best way. The people that it brought into my life are now family. I would never give up my Rainbow for anything. Rainbow is Life!!


6 months ago, I was on Facebook and happened to see something about Welcome Wagon and I had just had my second baby. In the package there was a envelope from Rainbow Systems Camrose. I gave them a call and spoke to Jaylene, she was this awesome person who was going to come to my house and do an air wash of my home. As well we talked about job opportunities as my husband was just laid off. Long story short, she was so much fun, we had a great afternoon with her, loved the rainbow and the business sounded great. Here we are 6 months later, both my husband and I working for Rainbow, and today we just bought a new car because of this opportunity. Best change of work we could have ever made. We love our rainbow family!!

--Danielle Gervais-Beaulieu

I love my Rainbow. Every day we use it in our house it gives us a nice fresh smell in the house of the natural way. I grew up with a rainbow but after I got married we move to Canada and I did not know that there was rainbow in Canada. So when we found out that one of my friends actually sells rainbow we invited him over and he showed us a complete new and different rainbow than what I know from back home. So we decided to buy the rainbow also because of the new feature that it’s has withe the air purification what it didn’t have back in the old days. Rainbow changed the life in our family because my son started having symptoms of dust allergy. We had pland already to go see the doctor for checkup but that got pushed away after we got the rainbow. All symptoms are gone now since we have the rainbow. So I decided to sell this amazing product and I’m proud to work for a company that sells the best product on the market. I’m almost a year now with rainbow and I’m so encouraged to keep going and help other family’s because of what rainbow did to us.

--Daniel Penner

I joined the Rainbow family in november 2017. But previous to joining I received a huge gift before I even knew what the rainbow was. It gave me something amazing before I had the pleasure of having one in my home as the rainbow is the reason why I have an amazing woman by my side and a beautiful step daughter. I’m extremely grateful for the rainbow bringing them into my the lives of my children and I.The people I have met by joining the Rainbow family are truly incredible. They have grown to be more than my best friends but my family. We laugh and cry together. Support one another with an understanding ear no matter what the situation is. They strive to help you to become the best that you can be in your personal life as well as business. There is always continuous support even when you don’t need it lol. Its allowed me to spend more time with my family doing all the things that we love but never seemed to have enough time for. Which is awesome as I no longer have to spend excruciating hours on the job site just to make ends meet. It’s an incredible company with the #1 top notch product on the market. It allows you to have a cleaner healthier home while saving you thousands of dollars and giving you your life back by the time it saves you. One incredible product that will last you a lifetime!!! Best investment ever!!

--Daniel Cooney

I love how the Rainbow does more than just cleans! I love how it purifies your air in the home while you are cleaning. It has helped so many people who have suffered from allergies and asthma!! Absolutely love everything about the Rainbow.

--Dacia Stone

Once I was introduced to Rainbow I knew that this amazing product was going to change my life. I have been in the business for a while now and I’m amazed everytime I go out on a demo to see this machine time and time again prove that it’s the best out there. I have made money in this business but that’s just a bonus the most important things are, I not only get to meet amazing people,travel and go places but I get to change someone’s life everytime I leave them. It’s a great feeling knowing that you have impacted a family or friends and helped change their lives that you’ve left them with a product that will over and over again pull dirt, dust and bacteria out of their homes. Rainbow is and always will be a part of my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without Rainbow in it.

--Crystal Windley

I first fell in love with Rainbow after the demonstration at my home, it was something I had never heard of (and I had a cleaning company)! I very quickly fell in love with this machine. Not only was I flabbergasted by the dirt and hair coming out of my home, but the smell was so refreshing. Knowing it wasn’t putting anything into my families air was a big thing to me, as I have young boys who love to ‘help’ me clean. Now they could I thought. But how could I afford this investment I thought to myself and out loud. Then the demonstrator Andy said “Yoy could come and earn it for free”, I thought he was joking. He was not. Lol. So I joined the Future Owner Program and completed it in 5 weeks, not only earning earning us a FREE Rainbow but also everything for it, which was incredible. It took some hardwork but it was do-able. At the end of my program period I decided “hey I can do this!” and I decided to join the business and showcase the Rainbow for a living. I thought “Heck I can talk for $80-100 an hour!” LOL. I have now been in the business 6 months and I can honestly say I’ve never loved anything besides my family this much in all my life. It IS my family, they ARE my Family!! To whom I owe a gracious amount of gratitude towards for not giving up on me when things got/get hard. Thank you Rainbow, THANK YOU!

--Courtney Goetz

I love my rainbow it changed my life. I have sleep Apnoea and three big dogs and what a difference it makes on my breathing.

--Cory Parsons

Before we got the rainbow in our lives my wife kept going to the doctors to increase her medication for her asthma, because the air quality is getting worst. I, for myself, kept getting Strep Throat ever two months and it was getting very frustrating to keep getting sick like that (because I didn’t know why I was getting strep all the time) When we had the demo in our home and they said the leading cause of vacuum illness was strep it blew my mind. Then when dirt was pulled from the floor I was grossed out cuz my 2 year old daughter likes to dump her food and eats off the floor. I was grossed out by that. So yeah we bought for our health. We have had the Rainbow in our house for several months now and my wife breaths so much better, even the doctor are interested in how my wife’s breathing is improving. Now we are expecting our second child and my wife said “glad we have the rainbow for our second child. You noticed that our daughter hasn’t really had a sniffle in months.” Yes the rainbow has improved our over all health and I could go on and on of all the other things we’ve noticed since having the rainbow, but want to leave room for others to share their testimonies. Blessings to all.

--Chuck Cleveland

I have been with in the Rainbow business for only a little while now, I really like this product. Brad Ariel, one of the leaders in the Lloydminster area had introduced me to rainbow and I had fell in love with it right away. I understood the value of Rainbow as I have struggled with a mold issue for more than 2 years. I had been looking for a filterless cleaning system for a long time and had spent thousands on an air scrubber and a new furnace as a result of the water damage and mold in my home. The rainbow has made a difference in my life not just at home but also in the business. Everyone is supportive and we advertise a product that is truly beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Everyone we show it too loves it. Jaylene has been very kind as she gives away prizes and cool stuff during the open house and does in-house training at the office. There really is no other way to put it. Wonderful people to work with and great product. Period.

--Chris Timbury

I bought Rainbow because I was completely blown away by what it could do for my health, and for keeping my home clean for not just myself but for my 6 grandchildren that come to visit. I joined the business, at first, to get my Rainbow for free, but then something happened! I was invited to a meeting, and me being very socially awkward because of all my different anxieties, actually was able to stay, talk, do everything with this, not group, but FAMILY of people, I’ve never felt so welcomed, so at home, so myself, and my anxieties melted away. I also, being a Rainbow owner, believe SO much in this system, just want to share it with everyone!! I want to change my life, AND everyone else’s around me! I believe, that this opportunity was given to me not by accident, but because I asked for it, simply by commenting on a person’s post on facebook, wishing this other person had the answer to change my life, just didn’t realize what I had asked and now received!!! Rainbow has touched my life in so many ways, now I’m going to help it help others!

--Cheryl Arsenault

I got my rainbow when I was 8 months pregnant I have severe athsma and allergies that were getting unbearableI also have 3 dogs a cat a bird and 2 rats I was to the point I was “cleaning” every single day with little to no results. Everytime I uses my vacuum I ended up choked up. Since getting my rainbow I’m 80% off my inhalers I’m sick less my house is clean and you cant smell my pets. The air feels lighter and everything feels cleaner. I’m absolutely in love with my rainbow I dont know what I would do without it now.

--Charlene longard

I have my Rainbow for over 7 years, has been a life changing for the whole family, No more nebulizers, puffers and horrible long nights at the emergency room in the children hospital or the foothills. Having a Dayhome was very important for me, the airwash and the sanitizing and having a dog, specially a Saint ( lots of hair) has been a blessing to know about the rainbow. When the rainbow came into my home all the bad stuff left( colds, flu, pneumonia. asthma and all the dog hair. 🙂 . Love to be able to have fresh air all the time and i really appreciate its presents when the whole city is choking with the BC fires. I can have windows and doors close and I still have clean fresh air inside my home.Hearing the Rainbow bubbleling noise in the surroundings of my home make me feel that my family is protected. I love My Rainbow and the amazing Rainbow Family and the amazing opportunity.

--Cecilia Davila

The rainbow has been an great addition into our home. I was skeptical about it at first until I was showed what it could do and it is an amazing product. With a three month old at home and allergies a common thing in our family it’s great to have a product that cleans the air as well as it does and to know that our home is clean. We love our rainbow.

--Cassidy Bouck

My ferrets have never smelled better! 😅

--Candice Giesbrecht

I have known and used Rainbow in the past and liked it then. But honestly I was impressed with the quality and improvements they have now. My husband suffers with allergies and am excited to use the air cleaner. Plus during my demo my rep asked me if I had any scarlet stains, well I did and they have been there for years and with vigorous cleaning they would not go away. My rep Donna went down stairs with the machine and hand held carpet wand and only with water the stains lifted, I was blown away. What a great machine

--Brenda Trueman

We did a demo as a favour for a friend and we absolutely fell in love with the rainbow but more importantly we fell in love with the business! The opportunities and the trips that we have been on since we joined this business have been amazing! I can’t imagine not having a rainbow in my home, my family all have rainbows since we have gotten ours and I’m sure our kids will each have one as they get old enough to purchase one!

--Brad Arial

My guy and I watched the demo, purchased my Rainbow and just yesterday said “yes” I want to show others this system! Love that it’s bagless and an air cleaner! Can’t wait for company to visit so I can pull out my double queen air mattress and use the attachment. Lives are going to change with my Rainbow! Very excited to get on the wagon, Thank you very much for this opportunity!


They are amazing and Jay is the most giving and kindest person there is. Everyone needs a rainbow! I cannot live without ours in our home!

--Ashley Dahlgren

We have a Siberian Huskey, who sheds ALOT. For those who aren’t allergic to him, they’re allergic to what he brings in. Before the rainbow, our house wasn’t an option for gatherings, no matter how much we cleaned. Now when our friends and family come over, they can breath easy and don’t even notice there’s a dog in the house. The rainbow has changed how we clean and live day to day. I’m grateful that our parents can stop by without an arsenal of medication and inhalers on hand.

--Ashley D'amico

Today was a big day for us. We were able to get a 2019 Honda Civic Touring!! If Rainbow had not come into our lives, we definitely would not have even considered getting a new car. Once again thank you Jaylene Kosinski for coming to our home and showing us the amazing possibilities that this organization can bring. We love our rainbow family, and love that we are able to give our girls an amazing life.

--Andy Beaulieu

This Rainbow opportunity came as a pleasant surprise for my family. This amazing product came into our life from a simply intent to help a friend get his free accessory. I never expected to end up loving it, let alone help me earn extra for my family.Thank you Rainbow family for this opportunity.

--Amer Aban

I have been with rainbow for just about 3 years. I came from a broken home and very abusive. I had four boys thru all of this there was struggles I started a good job long hours good pay things we’re looking good Then I got sick of the same old same old so I found a better place in life. Is where I applied for school got accepted and decided that Brad and I were leaving my home town to start a life over. We moved to vermilion after a short period of time we decided to do a favour for a friend and watch a. Rainbow demo. This is where life changed I started doing demos to get our a rainbow for free. When I started opening my pay checks I was thinking that was easy this is where I decided to do more demos making more money than what I was paid for school. I knew after a short period of time that I was going to keep doing rainbow. But I also had to finish what I had started. I raised my kids by teaching what ever you start you finish so I pushed thru and finished my 2nd year of child and youth care. I have an amazing support system that helped me even when I wanted to quit! I kept doing demos pushing thru my partner decided to quit his job and come an join me. Which was scary and great at the same time. We started learning and getting mentored by Jaylene and Dallas! When we thought we were not good enough for this job we had Jay and Dallas pushing us and believing in us! We kept going and sharing the opportunity with others because some one shared it with us. This was not always easy but honestly what is in life. The things you work for are the most rewarding in the long run. We now have an amazing team helping others having a positive attitude and pushing to reach their goals! We can’t thank them enough for all of their awesome work and their passion to help families.We as a team are opening our office in January to help more families out there. We can’t thank Jaylene and Dallas for their push kick in the butt loving hearts and believing in us when no one else ever did! We wouldn’t be where we are with out you guys! Thank you Rainbow family for always being there!! Let’s keep Sharing the opportunity with others. Alicia Arial


Rainbow helped to win my daily “fight” to keep our house clean!! …ONE Rainbow for everything! Plus using the air purifying feature to take out odours of the house is specially pleasing the hobby cook in me!I love to present this awesome product, to inform, explain health benefits and showing a easy way to clean there home! And I can offer a incredible job opportunity and work with them on there dreams! Rainbow enhanced our life!

--Agnes Reimer

I have only just started but feel more confident in taking a big step to success!

--Adrian McDonald

the rainbow is so amazing! My house always smelt like a farm before from all the hay from my rodent babies, but now it smells fresh every day! Its so quiet, it doesn’t bother any of my pets or us at night! I clean up my bunny poop with it, DOESNT SMELL! I clean up the litter from everywhere, again, NO smell! Its perfect!

--Abigail Lambert

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